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Structural Welds

Comprehensive solution for everything related to structural welds


Structural welding is the most common application for ultrasonic testing technology. Applicable to industry sectors like civil-infrastructures or power generation, these structural assets are thoroughly scrutinised for compliance with quality standards and countries regulation codes.

These can range from small to massive in size – e.g. bridges or wind tower – and it’s connections are mostly welds. If one is considered faulty, that could become a liability and a security hazard for an entire structure if they not detected promptly

Portability as the Key factor

Either during the manufacturing stage or during maintenance, accessibility is a massive concern for inspection and testing, where rope access and elevator platforms plays an important role. In that regard, our units are designed with portability as our main concern.

Light-weighted , robust, responsive and ease to use interface and direct sunlight-readable display are some of the features that make our phased array units ideal for rope access or climbing up scaffolds.

Complex geometries

Typically the inspector has to contend with five major types of weld joints: Butt, Fillet , Corner, Lap and Edge. Individually, they each have their own sequence of operations or scans that are determined by the applicable inspection code but when one has to consider a node of several types of welds – e.g. a Truss Node- and their respective interactions, careful planning and beam plotting in a fully interactive 3D space is key essential for understating the problems at hand.

The Pragma3D advantage

Whatever the type of component, rectangular, tubular or plate and its inherent connections, it poses no challenge for the ray tracing capability of Pragma 3D. All scan typologies are readily available for scan planning such as sectorial, linear, compound or self tandem pitch-catch

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