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Our Mission

PRAGMA designs, manufactures, and distributes portable instruments and integrated systems for nondestructive testing (NDT) of materials.
Our manual and automated solutions are used to inspect a wide range of metal and composite parts, to check for material properties and flaws in industries like aerospace, automotive, and oil & gas.

Why choose PRAGMA as a partner ?

PRAGMA products are very powerful, simple to use, handling multiple modalities and multiple platforms.

Because NDT is a pragmatic world with real applications and problems and therefore it requires pragmatic solutions.

  • We believe in small teams to drive fast innovation and for better customer support.

  • We have best-in-class analog and digital electronics, to get the most out of transducers.

  • We do rugged and ergonomic designs, for maximum durability and productivity in the field and in the factory.

  • We developed a revolutionary 3D software while maintaining the conventional 2D imaging used in NDT.

  • We are big believers in motion, robotics and automation, so we do advanced system integration.

  • We are spearheading the convergence of metrology and multi-modal NDT technologies.

  • We have the ideal technology foundation for migration to best practices of NDE 4.0.