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Focal Law Calculation (FLC) Library for UT/PAUT

Acoustic Ray-based Engine for
Third-Party Software
For System Integrators, R&D Labs and Universities.

The Focal Law Calculation (FLC) library allows a fast integration of phased array beams and focal law computation capabilities, eliminating the project risks very early on. Integrators can benefit from years of rigorous development of this software component, providing performance, stability, and complete documentation.


Wedge, transducer, and scan component parameters can be used to compute focal laws for complex configurations using various focusing methods. Computation is multithreaded using available CPU cores for fast results.

  • Dynamic Library

    Library available in 64-bit version (32-bit version on demand).

  • Windows & Linux

    Supports Windows 10 (DLL) and Linux (.so) platforms.

  • API

    Dozen of C++ classes well documented in an easy-to-use HTML documentation.

  • Command-Line Example Program

    Demo test programs provided with source code in standard C++.

  • Full Raw Performance

    Access to the same calls and full performance as used by PRAGMA internally.

  • Help for Custom Integrations

    PRAGMA can advise on software decisions and integration strategies

  • Support

    Email, phone and videoconference support.


curved sabot

The FLC can support cut-angle wedges with curved interface.The library can support FMC capture for TFM imaging, with full control on TX and RX apertures.

Example of easy to reuse C++ components to compute focal laws. Easily output beam information to CVS and *.law files.


Technical Specification

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