PAUT 32-128

PAUT 32/128

Phased Array Instrument Cartridge for Advanced Nondestructive Testing
Ultrasound (UT), Phased Array (PAUT) and
Time-of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD)

The PAUT 32/128 cartridge is an ultrasound working horse. It features enough active channels, focal laws, encoders and speed needed for most portable and automated inspections.


The cartridge can be connected on the PragmaFlex portable platform or on the PragmaPod remote-control platform. This allows maximum flexibility when developing applications, providing an upward compatibility path to reach automation.

  • Modular

    Can be connected on either PragmaFlex portable platform or PragmaPod remote-control platform.

  • 32 channels + 4 Mono

    Maximum flexibility with wide active apertures for various UT, PAUT and TOFD applications.

  • 128 elements

    Maximum PAUT flexibility and speed with multiplexing over 128 elements.

  • 200V Pulsing

    Sharp and snappy bipolar pulsing to inject as much acoustic energy in the material, for best possible sensitivity.

  • 125 MHz to 1 GHz

    Best-in-Class sampling for the highest signal definition in challenging applications. 125 MHz for PAUT and up to 1 GHz for Mono. Always in 16-bit A-scans.

  • More than 2000 focal laws

    Maestro® beamformer capable of generating all the beams that are needed, for up to 16 groups.

  • Superb Signal

    Wide dynamic range with up to 92 dB of variable gain (TCG) and programmable digital filters, for the best SNR available.

  • Ready for 3D, with up to 12 axis

    Direct support for position tracking devices, from one-axis quadrature encoder to full-fledge laser 6DOF trackers.



The cartridge features an I-PEX connector with standard pinout, offering PAUT probe compatibility with other brands.


Our state-of-the-art bipolar square-wave pulser is adjustable up to 200 Volts. That extra power sends more ultrasound energy in the material, to improve sensitivity or penetrate deeper.

The 4 independent mono-channels can sample up to 1 GHz, which allows for high-frequency transducers and new applications.

The beamformer can execute up to 2048 beams (focal laws) at a rate up to 30 kHz, which allows for super high-resolution imaging and/or extended volume coverage. It also provides a strong backbone for more advanced beamforming capabilities like FMC, TFM and Excitelet™ (options).

Technical Specification

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