Pro 2022-04-13


Portable Instrument Platform for Advanced Nondestructive Testing
For Field Inspections, MRO, Procedure Development, Training and R&D

The PragmaPro platform provides a flexible man-machine interface with touchscreen, scrollwheels and rubber keypad, with a wide ultra-bright display. It’s very versatile for different contexts, on site or in the lab.


With a low-power yet very fast CPU, plenty of peripherals, and Linux operating system, it has all the horsepower to accommodate the most challenging applications.

  • Compact

    CNC-machined aluminium enclosure, for durability and fanless operation.

  • Modular

    Can connect one of several cartridges available, for a choice of modality: UT, PAUT, ECT, ECA, etc.

  • Bright Screen

    Wide 9” WXGA screen of 1280×768 pixels, with best-in-class brightness and contrast in a wide viewing angle.

  • Rubber Keypad

    Silicone rubber keypad with nice tactile feedback and ideal for harsh conditions.

  • Touch-Enabled

    Capacitive touch technology under a chemically enhanced glass for scratch-proofness and tolerance to UT couplant and dirt.

  • Scrollwheels

    7 scrollwheels for fast scrolling of menus and parameters, because touch screen is not always the solution on the field.

  • Multiple Peripherals

    Plenty of connectors to interface with: 4x USB, 1x HDMI, 1x Gigabit Ethernet.

  • Hot-Swappable Batteries

    2 Lithium-Ion batteries with 200 Wh of power total, providing up to 12 hours of autonomy in the field.


PPRO Unitop

The UNITOP silicone keypad provides a nice tactile feedback and will prevent dirt adherence. The keypad maintains its feel and performance over a wide temperature range. The protective glass is scratchproof.

The multi-touchscreen allows a very intuitive navigation and control of the instrument.

The QuickFlow™ button and scrollwheels allow the user to quickly access the relevant parameters, an inspiration from the vintage flaw detectors. 


The PragmaPro is modular and ready to support several cartridges for UT, PAUT, ECT, ECA and other advanced NDT methods.


Technical Specification

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